This Canadian Town Will Literally Give You A Job And Some Land If You Move There

After the first debate between the presidential candidates aired Monday night, I decided that's it – I might just have to pack my bags, get all my liberal sane friends on board and move north, i.e. Canada.

Why? Well, I simply can't take the risk of living here and see America get crazier and crazier with "politicians" like Trump running around putting the whole nation in danger. Sure, the debate was entertaining as hell, but we shouldn't take the presidential elections as a joke.

After all, it is MY future, OUR future, on the line here!

So, once the November elections are over, we will know who the president will be and if the 50% chance favors the one who wants to build walls, I have decided I'm heading to this lovely town in Canada.

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Cape Breton, located just on the northeast end of Nova Scotia (not too far from the coast of Maine), is a gorgeous town with scenic views and peaceful serenity. But not just that!

With roughly 100,000 residents, it's a great place to just do your own thing and not have to face the agony of hearing obnoxious U.S. political ideas by candidates/potential future presidents.

Another great thing about this place? Cape Breton will actually reward you for moving here!

Two acres of land and a job is yours at Cape Breton

Yes, you read that right! Cape Breton has beautiful mountains, tons of hiking trails and national parks, beaches and plenty of activities to get outside and get moving, but the only problem is it doesn't have enough people to run its small businesses.

One of the markets in Cape Breton posted recently, that while tons of people come to temporarily enjoy what the town has to offer, there's not enough help to keep businesses afloat and help with building accomplishments for the cape.

To solve that, Cape Breton is now asking for nature lovers to consider actually moving up here and to make it more enticing they promise to give them a job in their community AND two acres of land!

Cape Breton does ask that if you want to apply, you should have some experience in customer service, aka know how to be nice and be "environmentally conscious," aka love nature and admire its beauty.

Two acres of land isn't a lot for the cape to give up since there is plenty of land there. It's big enough to have a small cozy house. If you move there and after five years you think it's the perfect place to live forever, you get to keep the land. Cape Breton will even help you with getting access to farmland and resources for you.

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