Americans Are Flocking To This Mexican Town To Fix Their Teeth

No one would ever imagine that the words "paradise" and "dentist" could be put in the same sentence. However, just across the border, in Mexico, there's a dental haven where people can get access to more affordable dental treatments than the ones available in the United States.

This dental-tourism destination is called Los Algodones. However, due to the large amount of Americans coming to this town to fix their teeth, it is now known as Molar City (molar meaning "a grinding tooth at the back of a mammal's mouth").

Imagen vía Facebook ©Molar City

(Photo: Molar City via Facebook)

According to the Health Resources and Services Administration, it is estimated that some areas of the U.S. have only one dentist per 5,000 people – in contrast, Molar City has around 600 dentists who offer the same procedures and quality as dentists in America. 

Thanks to Donald Trump's administration, getting dental treatment in the U.S. has become a luxury not everyone can afford (experts have even called this the "silent epidemic").

So considering that in Molar City you can get treatment for as little as $30 dollars, this town's popularity has increased so much that it now has a website where Americans can get more information and make an appointment via a call center.

Imagen vía Facebook ©Molar City

(Image: Molar City via Facebook)

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