From Mexico To Sweden: A World Tour Of Festive Drinks

Whether you're a globe trotter, a drinks connaisseur or just geographically curious, here's a survey you'll like. Expedia is proposing another vision of the world by listing what people drink for Xmas. So let's ditch the champagne (and the plastic tumblers, ew) and let's be adventurous.

(Photo: Toa Heftiba/Unsplash)

Germany – Feuerzangenbowle

(Image: Expedia)

Feuerzangenbowle is a very popular winter drink in Germany. A small piece of ginger cake is placed over a mug of hot mulled wine, then drowned in rum and set on fire (we mean flambé).

Italy – Bombardino

(Image: Expedia)

Bombardino is a mix of brandy and advocaat (a Dutch spirit made from egg yolks, sugar and alcohol), ubiquitous in Italy during the festive season (especially in the Alps region). It's served hot with Chantilly, and maybe a drop of coffee, rum or whiskey if you so wish. 

Ireland – Irish Cream

(Image: Expedia)

Also called Irish Coffee, this drink is a blend of whiskey, cream, sweet concentrated milk, chocolate sauce and coffee. It's a bit like an expresso Martini, but fuller-tasting. To be drunk by a roaring fire.

Jamaica – Sorrel Punch

(Image: Expedia)

The Xmas spirit in the Carribean translates as Sorrel Punch. It's the equivalent of mulled wine, but with rum and added dried hibiscus leaves, ginger and Xmas spices. Pretty sure this aromatic drink will get you in the right mood.

Lithuania – Poppy seed milk

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Here is the choice drink for Lithuanians at Xmas: milk with poppy seeds. The seeds are soaked in hot water overnight until they turn into a kind of concentrated milk. Then just add some sugar or honey, some almond extract and voilà.

Romania – Tuică

(Image: Expedia)

Ţuică is made from fermented prunes, sugar and loads and loads of brandy. If you like your evenings er, eventful, try it out, it's only 60% proof.

Chile – Cola de Mono

(Image: Expedia)

Cola de Mono ("monkey's tail") is the favorite Xmas drink in Chile. Pour some aguardiente, milk, sugar, coffee, vanilla and Xmas spice in a glass and here you go. It's a bit like a White Russian without the vodka and should delight latte aficionados.

Mexico – Ponche Navideño

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You can't properly celebrate Xmas in Mexico without a shot of ponche navideño. This South-American drink is a blend of tejocote (a kind of hawthorn), guava, apple, hibiscus, pear prune, sugar, raisins and rum. It's hot, it's smooth, it's ideal for Xmas.

Sweden – Glögg

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Swedes enjoy glug glögg in winter. It's made out of brandy or port, red wine, cinnamon and clove. You can also add raisins and finely sliced almonds.