Masters Of Ink: Pushing Boundaries Of Contemporary Tattoo Art With Uncl Paul Knows

Masters of Ink is a Konbini original introducing you to a whole spectrum of tattoo artists from all over the world. Custom designers specializing in every style from modern dotwork to traditional Americana tattoos – tune in for something new every week!

Tattoo art has deep roots in our culture, however, in recent years, its popularity has risen beyond belief making tattoos synonymous with pop culture and modernity. The spike can be credited to the boiling pot of contemporary tattoo artists from all over the globe taking their craft to new heights, and Athens-based Uncl Paul Knows is definitely one of them.

Starting his journey as a comic book illustrator, Uncl Paul has soon discovered tattooing and has been practicing his art for eight years now, traveling the world and exploring his unique vision. 

The creations of this Greek tattooist are a vibrant mash-up of new-school and graphic styles sometimes flirting with abstract art. They usually give an original twist to subjects coming from comics, animations, cartoons, and graffiti. Uncl Paul tells Konbini:

"I'm sort of a punk nerd and I'm inspired by pop, underground culture I grew up with. It is now part of my personality. But I try not to be fixed on something specific and move around from time to time. 

I could easily have been another realistic or old school tattooer, but how many years can you do the same stuff again and again? Don’t get me wrong, I respect the skills and the effort that people put in their work but I prefer to stay fresh, fun and always in motion!"

As a graduate of fine arts, Uncl Paul thinks that the gap between art and tattooing is still relatively big. Indeed, this enthusiast of contemporary tattoo art considers the style to still be in its infant years and wants tattoo artists to assert themselves better: "Contemporary tattooing is still an unknown territory for us. Tattooing is closer to the applied side of arts such as comics, graffiti, etc. I’d like to think that we are better than fine artists – we are fucking tattooers, yo!"

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