Masters Of Ink: Trippy Nature Tattoos By Joanna Swirska Exude Humanity


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With the contemporary art of tattooing becoming more and more recognized in our society, it is important to remember and celebrate its spiritual, contemplative and healing aspects as well. Wroclaw, Poland-based tattoo artist Joanna Swirska, aka Dżo Lama, is doing just that through her work and her personal tattoo studio Nasza Przestrzeń Kosmiczna (Our Outer Space).

"I am an optimistic person with lots of passions: I organize workshops, yoga sessions, concerts and exhibitions. This place illustrates who I am and my world."

For Joanna, tattooing is not just a service, it's also the good vibrations she wants to share with her customers. According to the artist, "the body is the repository of our soul, just like a temple – we have to choose how to decorate and we need to pay attention to the whole process, not just the final result."

The artist loves her customers and discovering their many personalities. So far, most of them are women with an arts background and her male customers, according to Joanna, are usually "crazy guys (in a good way) with many hobbies." She tells Konbini:

"My customers are not the normal women and men in suits. I have deep connections with them and sometimes, they help me with my studio for renovations, promotion, etc.

It is a super nice feeling when you know that you can rely on somebody. They are more like good friends.

The psychedelic, 70s-inspired style of Joanna’s tattoos mirrors both hers and her clients' unconventionality, but the main theme of her tattoos is not humans, it's nature. According to the artist, "nature is something that exists without human creation and is at the same time different but perfect." "Wildlife is what gives me power for the future," Swirska says.

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