Masters Of Ink: The Outspoken Single Line Tattoos Of Mo Ganji

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Mo Ganji is a tattoo artist from Iran, based in Berlin, Germany. He has attracted a lot of attention with his creations, made with just one line. This minimalism is present in his work, but also in his vision of life. He tells Konbini:

"I think the most valuable lesson I've learnt from life is that if you don't make yourself happy, no one else will. And it doesn’t matter if it makes you sound selfish."

This independent attitude is one of the main reasons which leaded Mo Ganji to start tattooing. The artist was missing the opportunities to make free decisions and to be in control in his previous career.

Ironically, as a beginner tattooist, he could not make decisions on his own and has to accept any project to gain knowledge and experience. But when Mo discovered the single line aesthetics, it changed everything.

"I have found a way of expressing myself visually without making too much 'noise' on the skin. I loved the concept so much that I spent days and nights sketching with passion.

I believe that this is the secret ingredient of success. From what I have learned success is 50% talent and hard work and 50% pure luck. But if you do something that you really love, chances to be successful are much higher."

The success of his unique style soon allowed him to get his own studio, to pick the projects he wanted and, artistically, to be totally free. Mo’s concept is simple and yet so strong. It can be understood by people regardless of their location and experience. This maybe is the reason why his work is attracting so many people, from hard-bitten tattoo lovers to rookies.

"My philosophy is 'less is more.' You don't need much to draw a picture because you don't need much to live a good life."

Mo says he strongly believes that just likke in life, minimalism in tattoos brings out quality.

The tattoo artist also completes lines with tree dots – his signature. They symbolize body, mind and soul. He explains: "I don't know if you noticed, but the dots are never the same size. This difference is a good comparison with real life, where we constantly try to find a balance between these three aspects of us."

If the creations of Mo are really trending right now, the artist is convinced that his style is here to stay.

"I believe that my tattoos have a lasting quality. They are very timeless. The designs could be from the 70s and if you look at a single line tattoo in 50 years from now it will still be very classic.

Somehow like a plain white T-shirt, something you could wear every day for the rest of your existence."

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A post shared by Mo Ganji (@moganji) on

A post shared by Mo Ganji (@moganji) on

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