Masters Of Ink: Seize The Day With Sex-Positive Tattoos By Brittny Abad


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Tattoos are known to have many positive effects on the people who carry them, from boosting their moods to helping with self-esteem and reclaiming one's body. It's exactly the reason why tattoo artist Brittny Abad enjoys this form of expression.

The 24-year-old artist grew up in California before moving to Portland, OR, where she's learned to tattoo. Simple, clean but powerful designs are her absolute favorite. Infused with a touch of surrealism, they evoke emotion and titillate the onlookers with mysterious storytelling. Brittny tells Konbini:

"Life itself is always chaotic, and simplicity is just what I need. Almost all of what I draw comes from what I want in the moment and what makes me feel good."

Many of Brittny's tattoos highlight eroticism and are often regarded as sex-positive. It isn't surprising as the artist herself is unashamed of how much she thinks about love and sex. Abad states:

"Sex is awesome; all it takes is a mutual attraction and some body parts. We all love it but nobody wants to talk about it – let alone, see it. I think it’s negligent to pass off that part of our lives as unimportant and unworthy for the public forum."

She admits, however, to have a rather unhealthy obsession with love and what it means to be loved. "Life is meaningless unless we give it meanings, and to me, those are love and lust, which oftentimes go hand in hand," Brittny adds. 

Even though not all of what she draws directly relates to the act of sex itself, Abad's tattoos all unite under one motto – enjoy life – and display similar themes such as positive body image, physical and spiritual attraction. She tells Konbini:

"If there’s anything I hope people take away from my work, it’s to let go of their inhibitions and allow themselves to be happy – explore things that others may view as taboo or inappropriate, because in the end, their opinions don’t matter.

My art and essentially my life would never would have become what it is now if I hadn’t let that happen for myself. There is nothing more important. Life is too short to give a fuck about things that don’t make you feel good. So find whatever it is you like and go enjoy it to pieces!"

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