Masters Of Ink: Honor Your Feline Friend With Witty 'Cattoos' By Iris Lys

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Cat obsession is a serious condition affecting millions every year. Symptoms include being unable to stop watching cat videos on YouTube, taking more selfies with your cat than your friends, dressing up as a kitty for Halloween seven years in a row and, believe it or not, getting their cute little faces tattooed on your body.

Tattoo artist Iris Lys is one of these feline nuts and she decided to mix her passion and work by calling herself a professional cattooer. 

"I’ve grown up with cats and I have always been obsessed with them. When I realized I was making more and more cat tattoos, I thought they could become my hallmark."

Iris Lys is coming from a Franco-Finnish family of artists, based in the South of France. Her father, a sculptor, and her mother, a weaver and painter, have encouraged Iris in her choice of career starting at the age of 17.

At first, the young woman was not completely satisfied with her work, struggling with the technique and the unavoidable frustration that many young artists face: "I have never given up, even when I had a case of the blues. And then, I started making my cattoos and they allowed me to progress. Now, when I look back at my old designs, they have nothing to do with what I can do now!"

Of course, Iris has cats, they even have their own Instagram account: @alma_and_roope.
They are her main source of inspiration and faithful companions during her numerous travels. She tells Konbini:

"Alma is the true love of my life. I’ve adopted her in Quebec and she followed me in Belgium, sharing my plane seat! The second one, Roope, is cute but he’s a little demon!"

For sure, Alma is the reference for her tattoos full of tenderness while Roope is the one for her many hilarious designs, involving cat-astrophe on legs!

Iris enjoys getting creative with feline puns and she even put mature content in her cat tattoos. Feline celebrities, kittycat pizzas or bondage pussies: the possibilities are infinite. But why? She has her own idea:

"Cat tattoos are so popular because cats are making us completely gaga! I’ve never talked about them and watched pictures of them as much as when I started to call myself a cattooer!

Even people without pets are coming to get tattooed to have their dose of feline fun! It is as simple as that: cats are cute, so why would you not get cattoos!?"

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