Masters Of Ink: Hans Deslauriers Gets Funky On Skin With Collage Tattoos


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With the exponential growth in popularity, the concept of tattoos as original artwork can feel fleeting at times. I mean, how many star, butterfly or "I love mom" tattoos does it take for the idea to wear out..? However, there are still many young creators refusing to merge with the masses and choosing to create art that is one-of-a-kind.

Such is the case of 22-year-old tattoo artist Hans Deslauriers from Montreal, Canada. "I try to be as original as I can with my work, I want to stand out and I want people to wear things they won’t see anywhere else," he tells Konbini.

In his career, the young tattoo artist has experimented with many different styles without being fully satisfied with the result. Then, Hans started challenging himself in the technical aspects by doing realistic black and grey portraits. Feeling stimulated by the complexity of the task, he still felt like he's missing something. He explains:

"I was searching for something that would help me stand out and I found some collage artists. At first, I wasn’t sure if it would be possible to do that kind of designs in tattoos, but I bought a drawing tablet and started mashing up styles and trying stuff. I’ve finally found a way to get more funky on skin."

The dynamism of his work lies in the contrast of the black and grey portraits and the vivid colors used for his offbeat graphic twists. Hans quotes hippie posters and surrealist painters such as Salvador Dali as his main inspirators, along with collage artists Marcelo Monreal and Pierre Schmidt. Deslauriers admits he's trying to not look at the work of other tattoo artists as much, hoping it will help with maintaining originality.

The favorite part of his job, according to Hans, is the constant evolution and the craving to learn more and perfect his skills. But it is also exciting at a human level. Deslauriers sees the act of tattooing as therapeutic for both the client and the tattoo artist. That is why he is not particularly attached to the meaning of his designs.

"What I find interesting about art is that everyone can have their own perception of a single piece. Even if it’s a canvas, a song or a tattoo, it can always mean a thousand things. I prefer to leave the interpretation to those who wear my pieces or those who look at it."

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