Masters Of Ink: Alican Gorgu Immortalizes Memories On Your Skin

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Memories are the only true wealth we have and for many, body art is a way to remind and to cherish them until we die. Alican Gorgu, also known as Pigment Ninja, is devoting his life to this noble preservation. This 28-year-old tattoo artist based in Istanbul, Turkey, states:

"I try to understand people's emotions in order to turn sweet memories caught on photographies into simplistic yet meaningful tattoos."

Alican has always been attracted to images and the feelings underneath. A graduate in Photography, the Turkish artist is a TV series and movie buff and enjoys simple things, such as linework art and comics. Even the name of the shop he recently opened with friends proves it – Basic Tattoo Studio. 

The connection between his background and work happened in a stroke of genius. He recalls:

"One day, with my computer, I started drawing on a family photo someone sent me, without showing their faces as in a traditional portrait. I discovered that the main lines and postures of the family members were enough to feel the memory out of it."

His clients were enthusiastic, as well as his followers. From this simple idea, everything started. Either having personal photos or favorite movie scenes as references, Alican captures people’s best sensations and achievements with his linework, getting deeper than pixels. He tells Konbini:

"I want to seize the same emotions that people want to feel when they tattoo their family, friends or pets on themselves, and without having complicated designs.

I think it is important to focus in the essential, because it is what is the most precious and what is going to last."

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