This Massachusetts Cannabis Dispensary Makes A THC-Infused Pizza Pie

It's just one of those unexplainably awesome combinations: pizza and weed are a match made in heaven.

Name a more iconic duo. Go ahead, I'll wait...

(via Giphy)

(via Giphy)

One medical cannabis dispensary in Quincy, Massachusetts called Ermont Inc. has arranged the perfect marriage between cannabis and pizza - a high potency, THC-infused personal pizza pie! 

The dispensary has only been selling the trippy pizza pies for roughly three weeks now, and they're already getting rave reviews.

The 6-inch cheese pizzas sell for what seems like a steep price at $38 apiece. But the tomato sauce contains 125 mg of THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, a comparable concentration to some award winning brand-name edibles.

(Photo: Patrick Whittemore/Ermont Inc.)

(Photo: Patrick Whittemore/Ermont Inc.)

Seth Yaffe, director of operations at Ermont, wanted to create a THC edible that didn't contain the high level of sugar that most dessert-style edibles do. 

Not that pizza is an incredibly healthy alternative to sugar, but at least medical cannabis patients can eat one of these pies as a full meal and get some level of nutrition from it. And lets be real... even if you're not a medical cannabis patient, you know you would be super down to try this.

But, sorry folks, you can only get your hands on one of these canna-pies with a valid Massachusetts medical cannabis card.

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