This Lingerie Campaign Features Sexy Women Who Happen To Have Body Hair

The lingerie industry is dominated by the type of slender, toned (and Photoshopped) beauties we saw walking down the Victoria’s Secret catwalk only recently, and frankly it's getting old.

Swedish brand & Other Stories (from the people that brought you H&M and COS) is eschewing that trend, and continues to be the cooler-than-you fashion retailer with their bold take on the au naturel trend -- "boldness" here is intended as casting the ordinary.

Titled “For women, by women”, the fall/winter lingerie campaign shows off the brand’s seasonal selection of red and black lacy bras and bodies on women with tattoos, body hair, scars, freckles and birthmarks. The photographs were taken by Swedish photographer Hedvig Jenning and feature women -- not professional models -- slouching and lounging just like they would on any given Sunday, much like you and me.

Lingerie campaign features real women

(Photo: Hedvig Jenning/& Other Stories)

Lingerie campaign features real women

(Photo: Hedvig Jenning/& Other Stories)

The minimalist brand is no stranger to brave new ads, having done an all-transgender campaign in August featuring transgender models and creative talent.

A spokesperson for the brand said:


"Since & Other Stories launched in 2013, they have continuously strived to tell stories that show diversity in age, ethnicity and personality. When it comes to featuring lingerie, they recognize the importance of approaching these stories with another perspective.

By showing that the ideal female body is one-of-a-kind and embrace beauty such as scars, tattoos and birth marks rather than altering them, & Other Stories' imagery reflects a more diverse notion."


'Real' beauty

The concept of ‘real beauty’ is nothing new in advertising, and & Other Stories is simply following in the footsteps of underwear brand Aerie, which earlier this year debuted their #aerieREAL campaign, showcasing actress Emma Roberts along with other models of all shapes an sizes in images that haven't been retouched. Plus-size retailer Lane Bryant also jumped on the no-retouching bandwagon for their #ImNoAngel campaign, which celebrates women with curvier bodies. 

But although the & Other Stories campaign is just another instance of a company saying "fuck you" to photo editing, the retailer appeals to a very different clientele than its body-positive predecessors. While Aerie's customers are Abercrombie-wearing college students, and Lane Bryant's are exclusively plus size women, & Other Stories is known for its fashion-forward, curated minimalist designs.

(Photo: Hedvig Jenning/& Other Stories)

(Photo: Hedvig Jenning/& Other Stories)

Of course, the images aren't perfect. No woman appears to be bigger than a size 12, and all appear to be fairly young. But we're not to look a gift horse in the mouth, because it's still a step in the right direction, particularly when it comes to embracing "unconventional" — by which we mean regular — bodies.

In a landscape dominated by the marketing machine that is Victoria's Secret, lingerie campaigns that have garnered the most attention recently are those that aim to refute the message that all women should have (or aspire to) a "perfect" body. The Business of Fashion reports the global underwear industry was worth over $110 billion in 2014, and according to Euromonitor, "women's underwear was the largest category in womenswear in 2013."

lingerie campaign features real women

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In 2015, companies are just now learning that if you want an audience, you better get real. They've been hearing our moans over the lack of large sizes and groans about unrealistic editing, and they're using that to disrupt a lumbering, slow-moving industry and address these real needs.

Whether or not this is all a marketing ploy a-la Dove "Real Beauty" remains uncertain -- but it begs the question: is "real beauty" finally becoming mainstream?

Tattoos are now so commonplace it's only natural we see them on catalog models, and the #FreeYourPits trend for women has become a fully-fledged movement that saw support from major celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham.

Even if you haven’t shaved your pits in a couple days (or months), have scars or cellulite, that doesn’t make you any less of a sexual being. All women deserve to feel sexy, both clothed and naked.

lingerie campaign shows real women with body hair

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