The ABCs of LGBTs: F Stands For Futch

The ABCs of LGBTs is a Konbini original that taps into the ever-growing and ever-changing vernacular of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer members of our community.


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Futch is a slang term used to describe a lesbian who looks feminine but has a masculine dress and/or style. The term is a combination of both femme and butch, two other words that describe an individual's gender or gender performance.

In case you need a quick recap, butch is a slang term used in the LGBT community to describe females with more masculine traits, while femme is used to describe females who conform to more traditional standards of femininity.

Where does futch come from?

Actually, futch has a pretty interesting origin story. Back when MTV reality dating competitions were a huge thing, there was a little show called A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. The show premiered back in 2007 and was the first bisexual reality dating competition to be on television.

The show involved 16 heterosexual men and 16 lesbian women living together under one roof, while simultaneously competing for Tila Tequila's attention and affection.

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One lesbian firefighter from Florida named Dani Campbell brought the term Futch into the spotlight during her time on the show. When asked how she identifies herself, Campbell said that butch or femme didn't work for her, but rather a combination of the two which she flawlessly described as "futch."

After her time on the show, Campbell later went on to start her own clothing line named Futch that would appeal to women who also shared the same identity as her. However, it didn't quite take off, and much like Tila Tequila faded from existence.

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The state of futch

Gender identity and performance can be confusing at times, especially since there are so many different terms and identities out there today. Futch becomes a really interesting slang term in the sense that it gives lesbians a chance to express their gender performance in a different way.

Instead of having to conform or label themselves as either butch or femme, Futch gives these people who are in the middle a label that works incredibly well for them.

Although it isn't quite gender-neutrality, it still has this element of "in-between" that redefines our notions and perception of femininity and masculinity.

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Clothes are also a really big part of all this as well. Although Dani Campbell was really ahead of her time in regards to creating clothes that pertain to certain gender performance labels, she most certainly had the right idea.

A lot of people on social media who identify with this term dress butch and still look femme or vice versa.

It's incredible to see that clothing has definitely become a great way of displaying the versatility and impact of such a term that was coined almost ten years ago.

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