Leonardo DiCaprio Gives $20 Million In Grants To Save The Environment

Good guy Leo strikes again! In what makes it the organization's "largest-ever portfolio of environmental grants," the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) has announced it's giving $20 million to more than a hundred environmentally-focused organizations.

Breaking the news at the Yale Climate Conference on Tuesday, September 19, DiCaprio delivered a chilling speech on the aftermath of rising temperatures and climate change that he's witnessed himself. Talking to the conference host, former Secretary of State John Kerry, the actor-turned-activist also discussed Trump administration's failure to get with the facts and start implementing solutions. He said:

"These facts have been presented to the world time-and-time again for decades. Quite simply, we are knowingly doing this to ourselves, to our planet and to our future, and the cost of our inaction is becoming clearer.

Yet with all of this evidence – the independent scientific warnings, and the mounting economic price tag – there is still an astounding level of willful ignorance and inaction from the people who should be doing the most to protect us, and every other living thing on this planet."

The grants will be shared by more than a 100 organizations that work towards protecting wildlife, aiding the defense of indigenous rights and supporting innovative grassroots efforts to battle climate change. 

The grants encompass six areas, including climate program, wildlife and landscape conservation, marine life and ocean conservation, innovation and technology program, indigenous rights program, and the California program, which supports local efforts to transition to fully sustainable food, energy, and infrastructure system.

As stated by the LDF, the added $20 million increases the organization’s total direct financial impact to over $80 million since 1998. 

Earlier this year, DiCaprio sat down with then President-elect, Donald Trump, to discuss the United States' role in 'fixing' the environment, the possibility of establishing more green jobs and boosting the country's economy through environmental efforts. He even gifted Trump a copy of his climate change film, Before the Flood, which Trump promised to watch.

Fast-forward six months later, Trump was already pulling America from the Paris Climate Deal, which DiCaprio called a "careless decision" that puts "our future on this planet [...] at risk" more than ever before.

Check out the DiCaprio–Kerry's panel at the Yale Climate Conference in full below.