LCD Soundsystem's Synth Wizard Gavin Russom Came Out As Transgender

Ahead of LCD Soundsystem's forthcoming album release and world tour later this year, one of the group's most important members has bravely publicized her long struggle with gender dysphoria.

Gavin Russom, the synth virtuoso and backup vocalist in the indie-pop group, just came out as transgender.

(Photo: Grindr)

(Photo: Grindr INTO)

Russom is one of the more in-demand synth masters in the New York City music landscape.

She not only knows her way around playing the keys and creating psychedelic soundscapes. Russom is also known for custom building analog synths and other unique electronic instruments that have been heard on LCD Soundsystem albums, her own solo work, and many other experimental indie groups' recorded material. She is credited as a co-producer on LCD Soundsystem's self-titled debut album.

In a wide-ranging interview with Grindr's cultural outlet INTO, she says that she simply “could not imagine” spending the rest of her life pretending to identify as someone that she’s not. 

“My body rejected [my previous identity] in the same way that it now utterly rejects going into a men’s bathroom or when somebody calls me ‘sir’...”

After coming out to her family, friends, bandmates and now the wider public, Russom says that she's "the happiest [she's] ever been!" Her first DJ set as an openly transgender woman will be at Femme's Room in Chicago, "a popular monthly party celebrating femme and queer culture," on July 13th.

(Photo: Gavin Russom/Facebook)

(Photo: Gavin Russom/Facebook)

Rather than make herself the center of attention, Russom wants to focus her energy and attention on the millions of closeted transgender people around the world - especially trans women of color - and give them the strength to be proud of who they know they are:

“For anybody who is struggling with their gender identity or who wants to come out and is afraid to, what would be better than giving someone permission to do that through my performance?

That’s the ultimate. It’s what other people gave to me, so I’d love to pass that along to other people, too.”

Check out one of LCD Soundsystem's new tracks - the melancholically beautiful "American Dream" - below, featuring some of Gavin Russom's best synth work to date. 

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