You Can Now Drink Your Latte Straight From An iPhone Box

Shared the article without reading it first? Big mistake, friends. But we can't exactly blame you for falling for it, the latte universe being what it is.

Between unicorn, charcoal and bright blue lattes, and even coffees served up in avocados, we wouldn't be that surprised to see a Brooklyn coffee shop replace their cups with iPhone boxes (all for the love of likes, of course).

And that's exactly what the jokers at Mashable have demonstrated with this video showing a hipster barista follow all the necessary steps to brewing up an iPhone latte. 

Poking fun at all the increasingly absurd hot drink trends to emerge in recent times, the clip is decidedly tongue-in-cheek. All the same, we can't help but feel it's only a matter of time before this abomination appears in an independent coffee joint near you...

Check it out just below:

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