Lagunitas Answers Our Prayers By Infusing Its Latest Beer With Cannabis

Connoisseurs of beer will be familiar with California founded brewery Lagunitas for their tasty and hoppy selection of IPAs, ales and lagers. The company has just extended its selection of unique drinks, however, by adding a cannabis-infused options into the mix. 

Dubbed Supercritical, the new addition is an IPA made with marijuana terpenes provided by California-based cannabis product manufacturer CannaCraft which produces cannabis vape cartridges under AbsoluteXtracts.

The company explains the beer is created by using a combination of dozens of terpenes that are isolated and refined during cannabis extraction. For Supercritical, Lagunitas brewer Jeremy Marshall selected terpenes from the Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies strains and  followed up by picking six different kinds of hops.

Because Supercritical is made with cannabis terpenes that AbsoluteXtracts removes from plants, it doesn’t actually contain THC. This means you're certain to feel the buzz from the hops, but not from the cannabis.

The beer itself checks in at 6.8% alcohol by volume and is said to feature grassy grassy flavors, earthy hops and a "sticky finish."

Lagunitas only created one batch of 60 barrels, or 120 kegs of the canna-infused IPA which were sent to bars across California, primarily in the San Francisco area.  But according to Karen Hamilton, Lagunitas’s director of communications, “There may be more SuperCritical coming in the future, and this time, to other areas in the U.S."

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