Queer Couple Will Get Hitched In All 24 Countries Where Same-Sex Marriage Is Legal

Art duo and real life partners Fleur Pierets and Julian P. Boom have set out on a global mission to celebrate diversity: as part of a performance piece, they are going to get married in the 24 countries where same-sex marriage is legal to show just how much work still needs to be done to achieve LGBTQ equality.

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The queer artists known collectively as JF. Pierets wants to create cultural awareness when it comes to gender equality and gay imagery in mainstream art history through their project "22" named after the number of countries that allowed same-sex marriage at the time the idea was born.

Since then, Germany and Malta have joined the ranks, but the couple has decided to keep the original name to enhance the time capsule quality of the project and stress that "the world is in constant movement."

The Belgian-Dutch duo is currently traveling the world with only one suitcase. During their journey visiting countries like Mexico, Colombia, Iceland and South Africa, they will document their experiences through a photo diary and videos to create an art installation to be exhibited at the conclusion of the project.

"It’s enriching and necessary to show these perspectives in a positive and beautiful manner because I belief this is the only way by which you can make change."

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Currently, 170 countries still don't allow same-sex marriage, which proves how important it is to connect with people and show them a different perspective: 24 weddings – where the ultimate goal is to celebrate love – seems like an effective and very creative way to do so. Boom and Pierets told Our Queer Art:

"At the current rate we will reach global recognition of same-sex marriage in the year 2142. That’s 125 years from now so let’s see if they can get it to go a bit faster!"

The project will kick off with wedding number one in New York. Currently, they are in the pre-production phase of the celebration, which will take place in Manhattan’s City Hall in September 2017. The project will conclude in October 2018, in New Zealand.

You can follow their amazing journey through their website and Instagram.

Una publicación compartida de JF. Pierets (@jf.pierets) el

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