This Woman Wins At Christmas With Upcycled Couture Outfits


The Christmas season can be a joyously festive or stress-inducing one, depending on how your life is set up. Gifts to be purchased, decorations to be hung, family to be wrangled in– case in point, it can be a lot. 

Too often, the festive spirit of the holiday season can be lost in those distressing moments, but with the right attitude, some creativity and a little bit of Christmas spirit and this can easily be one of the best times of the year.

Take Dublin, Ireland designer Dublin Jenny Wilson for example, who keeps the energy of the holiday season bright and festive by upcycling outfits out of decorative goods. 

Known online as Jen Nollaig – Nollaig is the Irish word for Christmas – she's turned a lot of heads with her unconventional designs. Reworking old decorations like tree toppers, pinecones and Christmas streamers, the holiday fanatic tells Metro UK this is just a way of life for her and an extension of joy.

"Christmas has always been a time filled with excitement, wonder and joy as far back as I can remember.

I used to save my pocket money up just to buy decorations as a kid. I just love the decorations, the sentimental ones are like little pieces of nostalgic art that just link me to happy memories."

The love for the holiday goes deeper than deep, apparently. She even reportedly has Santa officiate her Las Vegas wedding. 

This year, Jenny is looking to go above and beyond with her looks, aiming to complete a ‘Christmas couture collection’ by collecting glasses from Euro shops and layering them up with festive decorations. While her creations look extravagant, she assures us all we could achieve equally eye-catching looks:

"You just need an open mind, a glue gun and some festive spirit. You can customize just about anything, the possibilities are endless. I look at decorations and think, 'How can I wear them rather than how they will look on my tree?"

See the best of Jenny's looks above and below.