In Japan, People Are Putting Wasabi On Their Heads To Stimulate Hair Growth

Rubbing wasabi on your head to prevent hair loss? Haven't heard that one before. It sounds crazy, but that's what's happening in Japan, and it's a totally legitimate remedy, reports Munchies



Kinin, one of the largest wasabi manufacturers in the world claims the plant helps stimulate hair growth. But to be clear, we're not talking about the fluorescent green paste that comes with your take away sushi box.

The real plant, not the fake green stuff

We're talking about real Japanese wasabi, the light green root vegetable that you have to grate (see photo above). The spicy green paste we usually get actually only contains a small percentage of real wasabi. You learn something every day.

According to the Kinin company, wasabi contains two ingredients that stimulate hair growth: isosaponarin and 6-MITC. And wasabi is actually three times as effective as chemical hair loss products currently in use. 

In addition, wasabi has to be applied directly to the scalp, and not eaten. So it's no use stuffing your face with wasabi-covered sushi. You've got to spread it on your head. So now you know. 


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