These Stylish Cannabis Accessories Will Make You Rethink Your Novice Pipes

Cannabis entrepreneur and advocate Jane West loves weed. She's the face and voice of the mainstream cannabis industry and the most recognizable female CEO in the cannabis industry. She fell in love with the plant the first time she tried it at summer camp in Wisconsin and has never looked back.

Jane acknowledges she smokes every day and has specific ideas about the fashion in which she consumes cannabis and how she wants that experience to not only feel, but look. She tells Konbini:

“I could picture what kind of bong or glass items I wanted to smoke with, but I couldn’t find it. Nothing came close to what I wanted.”

In 2014, when adult recreational use of cannabis became legal in Colorado, West made her entrance into the cannabis industry by tapping into her 20-year experience in event planning to create the now defunct Edible Events– adult cannabis friendly events.

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Cannabis event planning led her to search for aesthetically pleasing, sleek and modern, bongs and glass tools, which unfortunately turned out to be a bust. “Why aren’t bongs one color? “All I cared about was a bong in one color. I wanted a red or a white one. Just one color," she questioned.

Not too keen on the tie dye bong iterations flooding smoke shops worldwide, West launched a line of female-driven cannabis lifestyle accessories dubbed, "The Collection," for the stylish and discerning toker to incorporate cannabis into their lives. re-imagined for the needs and interests of women

"The most important thing about the glass is functionality and utility, and beyond that, is it gonna look good in my house?”

While many cannabis smokers have switched over to electronic devices to enjoy their herb, West is keeping it old-school– focusing her line on flowers and the people who love them, while updating and modernizing the tools used to enjoy the earthy substance.

Instead of outdated pipes and bongs bought from local smoke shops that merely feature stereotypical designs and facades, West has worked independently, and in the past, alongside other cannabis companies such as Grav Labs, to re-imagine cannabis utensils that stylistically fit the needs and interests of women while still maintaining unisex appeal. 

Today, West breaks down the premium pieces in her latest offering dubbed "The Collection," which all strive to make it easy to consume anytime, anywhere:

The Compact:

"This was the original product of my dreams! Everything you need to consume is perfectly packed in one small container. This was the first product. I could keep more than one variety of cannabis, my lighter and everything I need to consume in one container."

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The Wand:

"In creating the glass items, I learned a lot about how people consume. People carrying glass pipes with weed to consume on the go isn’t very practical. We needed to devise something that has everything you need.

We wanted to create a sister product to The Compact that was more affordable. It blends with everything in your makeup case. Great starter item for consuming flowers discreetly on the go."

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The Classic:

"This is my signature version of what I think modern cannabis consumption is. When people talk about modern cannabis consumption, they are thinking of fancy electronic devises."

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There are many exciting products in that realm but at the same time I like it old-school. This is the old-school dugout redefined for the legal lifestyle. It’s the size of your iPhone so it fits seamlessly into your life more than those wood and thick dugouts."

West is now not only providing flower lovers with functional and cool looking tools, she's also suggesting what to put in those bongs and pipes. West wants to locate the best cultivators in every state and partner with them to simplify the flower buying experience.

"When I walk into a dispensary, I'm making my choice based off whether it's indica or sativa. The whole experience can be overwhelming, especially for new customers.

The amount of info the customers retain from dispensaries is questionable. That is how 'Day & Night' came about. We already purchase creams and formulas based on day and night. It's logical and simple to purchase flower the same way."

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Since 2014, this cannabis entrepreneur and activist has been spreading the gospel, sharing the benefits of the plant while encouraging women to seek business opportunities in this booming industry that is consistently over-powered by males.

She founded the hugely impactful Women Grow conference in 2014 to "to connect, educate, inspire and empower the next generation of cannabis industry leaders by creating programs, community and events for aspiring and current business executives."

With more than $1 million in capital, a booming cannabis business conference and a keen eye for trends, we can definitely look forward to West delivering more stylish and smoker-friendly accessories and home goods.