Watch The 'Showtime Kids' Of New York Dance Their Way Off The Streets

More than three million New Yorkers are living in poverty. Making ends meet however they can, homeless people can be seen everywhere, but the most common sight is the NYC subway. It offers a window of hope and (perhaps more importantly) a safe place to sleep.

In a short documentary, director James Burns explores the lives of four young teens living in the projects who are trying to "make it somewhere in life" through dance.

The 10-minute film follows We Live This, a Brooklyn-based dance crew better known to passengers on the subway as the "showtime kids" for their performances. Executing incredibly complex routines on the train they dance in the hopes of achieving stardom; or at the very least "just a little money," the group explains.

"For some, dancing on the train is a way out.  For me, it's a way in."

Many of the group's members are either homeless or come from turbulent backgrounds and all fear going back to the streets or back to a life of crime if dancing fails. "I can't do that" explains Forty.

We Live This (Photograph via We Live This on Facebook)

We Live This (Photo: We Live This / Facebook)

Despite their situation, the group still talks about the importance of remaining professional: "The crowd shouldn't know what you're going through. Your show shouldn't reflect upon your day," they state.

It has, however, become a consistent battle with law enforcements to continue dancing and there are reportedly police signs up around the subway stating "no showtime."

"They're making it a bad thing when really it's a New York tradition. It's been going on for years and now they're stopping what people come to New York to see."

You can watch their heart-breaking story below and follow this Facebook page for updates.

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