Rolling Blunts With Rose Petals Is The Latest Cannabis Trend To Hit The Web

Twitter user @simple_sasha has just posted a highly unexpected video tutorial that is currently setting the internet ablaze. All corny puns very much intended, as she's schooling us all on how to roll a weed blunt using organic rose petals. 

Naturally, many people had questions, thoughts and concerns ranging from, "is this safe?" All the way to, "what's it taste like?" 

Once the initial shock was over, the internet tuned into just how interesting this unique wrap proposal really is.Sasha makes sure to point out her use of organic petals, as commercial ones are commonly sprayed with pesticides and other chemicals.

Additionally, it could be considered fairly common knowledge to know inhaling smoke of any kind could be harmful for you, but if you're going to do it, might as well be from an organic rose petal instead of processed tobacco leaves with chemical additives, which most blunts on the market are.

Using nothing but three organic rose petals and her oven, Sasha demonstrates how we can make an impromptu wrap that is both functional and floral at the same damn time. 

After constructing the wrap in just over 2-minutes, Sasha comments on the highly smokeable creation, noting its properties as being, "very floral, really good." 

After the step-by-step tutorial made its rounds on the web – having been retweeted upwards of 91,000 times – people started posting their own rose blunt creations. 

Could this how-to prompt a shift towards DIY wraps for everyone? We're not sure, all we know is if you walk into your next smoke sesh with a blunt made from the lush petals of red roses, you basically win the the Coolest Smoking Buddy Award. Congratulations; you've earned it.