64 Women Claim This Buffalo Wing Pizza Helped Them Induce Labor

Women have sought out natural ways to induce labor for centuries, be it eating spicy food, exercising, having sex, or taking a bumpy car ride. However, North Carolina's mothers-to-be have discovered a unique – and delicious – method to jump-start their labor: eating pizza

The Inducer

The Buffalo Wing Pie at Hawthorne’s Pizza has risen to fame for supposedly having labor-inducing qualities that have worked wonders for 64 pregnant women so far, WCNC reports. So much so, it has been renamed as The Inducer. 

Made out of "special medium-hot buffalo sauce with chicken and mozzarella cheese," the pizza has even been prescribed by doctors! However, the recipe to the spicy sauce – which seems to be the key factor in starting labor – is still a mystery.

"We're getting requests from as far as Texas, Seattle, and Maine to send us a pizza," said Chad Warren, the regional director of Hawthorne's holding group. Although there is no scientific proof backing up this theory, the restaurant has shared some of the success stories on their blog:

"Kristin Kogan ate one slice before her water broke inside the restaurant at 7th Street." 

But it doesn't always happen so quickly. For some moms, it took up to three days. So whether you're looking for a way to get the bun out of the oven faster, or just want to join the hype and enjoy a spicy pizza, Hawthorne's got you covered!