Introducing The Mustache Protector, The Hairnet For Beardy Dudes

Having a bushy beard comes with a challenge that has stared down men for millennia: how to avoid the awkwardness of getting food and drink stuck in your mustache.

To provide some sort of respite from the embarrassment of getting beer foam all over your face, a team of Swedish designers have come up with a mouth or beard-guard of sorts to stop you messing up your facial fuzz.

Looking like something Hannibal Lecter might wear to the bar if he wasn't clean shaven, the device can supposedly protect your ‘stache from all sorts of foreign matter, from smoothies to stray bits of pasta.

Designers at the Odd Company have taken inspiration from devices which date back to the heyday of the mustache in the 1890s, and are fundraising their updated project via Kickstarter.

The ludicrous video accompanying the Kickstarter pitch demonstrates all the ways the 'Stache Shield' can help a brother out, though we're not quite sure who's gonna want to sit with you when you're wearing the contraption.

For those interested in investing in a 'Stache Shield', particularly over the course of 'Movember' when even guys ill-equipped to grow give it a shot, check out the Kickstarter.

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