FKA Twigs Launches An Inspirational Instagram Zine, AVANTGarden

We were already in love with FKA Twigs' avant-garde sound and look, and just when we thought there wasn't any room for more, she released her new 'digizine' – AVANTGarden – which is only available on Instagram. 

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This digital magazine takes advantage of Instagram's new feature that allows users upload ten photos at once. Social media is a powerful tool, which provides a limitless platform for forward-thinking people such as FKA Twigs to establish their unique frequency amongst all the noise. 

Speaking to Dazed about why she chose Instagram as a format, Twigs said: 

"I’ve struggled to feel comfortable on social media as I’m a very private person and it feels weird and intrusive to me.

I thought it would be much more impactful to create something like this, rather than to put out a picture with some words underneath it, or retweet something. I thought this would spark a conversation."

"Part memoir, part magic," AVANTGarden will feature collaborations with other creatives from the music, art and fashion worlds, among others. The first issue titled ROOTS. SHOCK. BEAUTY, focuses on hair, using the work of hairstylist Rio Sreedharan. About choosing hair as the focus, she continued: 

"As a mixed race person, I have a very complicated relationship with my hair. For people of colour, hair texture is such a big conversation. 

So I think for me, braids as a protective hairstyle and something that’s been passed down through our heritage, is amazing to embrace. To be able to embrace your natural hair texture and also embrace things that protect your hair from the weather."

Scroll through and get inspired by AVANTGarden, available on FKA Twigs' Instagram now.

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