Finnair Started Weighing Its Passengers Before They Board Flights

Today, Finnair join the list of airlines who've disregarded the integrity of their passengers to squeeze as much money out of them as possible. And I'm not just talking about the fact that Sleazyjet makes the flights look cheap and then charge you exponentially for every add on, or the fact that plane food is expensive and it sucks.

We’ve all seen the traumatic video of the man being dragged off the overbooked United plane – and now, adding to this, Finnair has decided to start weighing their passengers before they board planes.

The Metro reports that in order to work out how much their average customer weighs, Finnair is weighing up to 150 passengers right before they board planes and set off on holiday. 

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The reasoning behind this is that the airline balances their planes based on estimates from the European Aviation Safety Agency, which are about 8 years old. Looking at data from the World Health Organization, this would mean that the average woman has put on 11 Ibs and the average man has put on 2Ibs since then, according to the Metro

This seems semi-reasonable before you consider that Finnair's customers have probably dished out a decent wad of cash to then be publicly weighed right before they go on holiday. I don't know about you but I tend to avoid staring down into the unnerving screen of a scale at the best of times, let alone in public, let alone when I'm about to go on me 'olidays. 

Holidays, correctly termed as lol-idays, are about being lavish; drinking what you want, eating what you want and doing what you want. The 'booze cruise' wasn't invented by chance, Finnair. 

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The last thing I'd want to be reminded of at a beautiful time like this is my weight. Ugh. 

But on a more serious note, in a society where we’re constantly bombarded by images of airbrushed, ultra thin and surgically enhanced bodies (namely the Kardashians), body image is a huge issue for both men and women. 

It's widely known that women tend to be hyper-conscious and critical of their flaws, the Guardian reports that 75% of women talk in ways which promote bodily anxiety. What's perhaps more shocking is that 80% of men speak in ways that promote anxiety about body image, particularly about their 'beer bellies' or 'man boobs.' 

And that's just those with anxiety, not those with forms of body dysmorphia. In Finland, 1 in 5 girls in their teens has dealt with an eating disorder of some kind. For those with eating disorders or even just hangups about their bodies, Finnair's ingenious new plan is bound to have psychological ramifications. 

So why are they bothering? Surely they can just balance their planes off the World Health Organisation's National Average?  But if they did that, then their estimates wouldn't be as precise, so they wouldn't be able to cram as many passengers onto a plane as humanly possible. 

So really, they're examining customers' waist margins just so that they can up their own profit margins. 

(Photo: Paivyt Tallqvist)