Where To Find Your Better Half In 2016

Because the dating scene is too absurd and fast and exciting to try everything, here is an actual ranking of apps and websites that could help you find your better half. Not saying that you need help. But really, who doesn't?

10. MouseMingle

A description too good to be true: "the place to connect people who love Disney and who want that same magic in their relationship". If that sounds like a lot of weirdos trying to lose their virginity while wearing costumes, well, here are a bunch of other ultra-specific options: GlutenFreeSingles (being gluten-intolerant is the new black), FarmersOnly (for folks with dirty boots), Bristlr ("The world's greatest service for matching beard-lovers with beard-havers"), an app for music fans, another one for geeks, and another one for people who actually think that their dog is the best possible wingman.

9. Match.com

This is where your mother tries to find a lover. Apart from that, it's one of the biggest and oldest dating websites, which means you'll basically be dating in a dinosaur pool. But hey. If Chris Pratt is involved, that could be cool.

8. OkCupid

Both an app and a website, OkCupid benefits from a large audience everywhere in the world. And it's free. However, it's way too old to be cool, and their design sucks. Do we sound unenthusiastic? It's probably because we're bored to death.

7. CoffeeMeetsBagel

The concept is simple and will help you avoid spending four billion hours frantically swiping left or right: every day at noon, you get ONE bagel, because on this platform they use the word "bagel" for human beings, which is really interesting. Also it gives you an excuse to splurge on cinnamon-raisin with melted butter.

6. HowAboutWe

This app is all about doing things together. Translation: this app is all about pretending that you want to go to some edgy exhibition, when really, both of you just want to do things TO each other.

5. Bumble

Just like every other option, except women make the first move and connections disappear if not used for 24 hours. Excellent both for lazy men (don't pretend you don't feel targeted), and brave women who are tired of dick pics (just a hint: we all are).

4. Happn

The geo-localisation idea is cool: you get to meet people in your neighborhood, and it's easy to get intrigued when Alex has blipped on your radar (within 500 yards) 56 times since yesterday and you never noticed him/her. Sadly this app is not as known as it should be in the US. Let's change this.

3. At work

22% of encounters happening at a night-club end after the first night. But 14% of office romances end in a marriage, and 18% of 18- to 34-year-olds met while working. This is starting to smell like a serious trend. Is this the true meaning of the "dress-for-success" saying? Yes. Is it a good motivation for getting a job? Absolutely.

2. Tinder

Two-thirds of Americans have already met someone online, and 5% are currently married or in a relationship with someone from the Internet. With time, these types of romances are becoming more and more accepted, and people who think you really need to be desperate to try finding love online have crashed to a mere 8%. Of course not every app is Tinder, but with 50 million estimated users and 9 billion matches, the red flame dominates the market. It's even truer now with new features that have superhero names (Superlike, Rewind, still waiting for UltraSex).

1. Through real human beings

Mostly, people still meet far away from their smartphones and computers! According to a recent study, 39% of young couples met through friends in common, and 22% met in a social setting like a bar. Last good news from 2015: real life still beats virtual life. Get out there, now!

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