This Instagram Chronicles The Creativity Of Drag Queens In All Their Glory

The origin of drag queens is often a disputed one, going back centuries and eventually ending up in the urban streets of spaces like NYC.

Chronicled in the cult documentary Paris Is Burning and again on platforms like the Emmy-winning show "Ru Paul's Drag Race," it's impossible to ignore the prominence and presence of drag culture and its queens. 

Ru Paul is just one household name among a legion of devoted queens who take the art form and its power quite seriously. But to look even deeper into the glorious faces which make up the world of drag, we refer to Fernando Cysneiros' (@fcysneiros) expansive collection of photos dubbed, The Drag Series. 

Fernando, whose professional photography career started at the age of 19, first began focusing his photographic eye on drag queens in his homecity of Recife, Brazil last year  after stepping away from the pro fashion photography world.

As a freelancer with lots of newfound time on his hands, he began contemplating on a project that inspired and fed his soul. In conversation with Konbini, Fernando explains:

Because my photography work has been very much focused on the fashion industry, the Drag theme came naturally.

Drag queens/kings are characters that embody a lot of the things that I usually work with: fashion, beauty, performance, art. Also, we don't have many projects in Brazil that embrace them.

He began photographing queens that were close to him or that he met through local night life, and before he knew it, he'd begun growing an expansive library of photos showcasing the vibrancy and creativity of drag queens throughout his country.  

"After a couple months, I felt the need to expand it to other cities. I also love travelling, so it was a chance to visit other cities in Brazil to discover the drag queens/kings in other states."

Fernando began tracking down other drag queens on social media and networking with others he's photographed to create the body of work he's compiled today. In terms of his end goal and what's next for The Drag Series, Fernando explains:

I don't really have an end goal just yet. The Drag Series is still a on-going project, publishing new photos of different artists every Thursday.

My main goal really is to spread the word about this form of art and to introduce the Drag universe to those who are not familiar with it. 

Catch Fernando uploading new work to the series on Instagram every Thursday and enjoy the glory of his past installations above and below. 

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