Giving Yourself Fake Freckles With Tattoos Is A Thing Now

Kids at school might get teased each summer when freckles start popping up, but freckled faces are being lusted after more and more.

New LA-based cosmetic brand Freck Yourself has caught on, and is offering freckles with temporary tattoos. As part of a recent Kickstarter campaign, the company explains that using their nifty stencil and formula kits, you can get freckles instantly. And they last for up to 48 hours.

(Photo:  lyricswillnotreachtheaudience via tumblr)

(Photo: lyricswillnotreachtheaudience via tumblr)

While the mere thought of having fake freckles is pretty disturbing if you do, in fact, have legit freckles covering your face and entire body (hey), Freck Yourself founder Remi Brixton claims the market is there, albeit niche.

Each semi-permanent stencil is quick to apply with a rollerball filled with coloring, meaning the freckle-hungry can attain their beauty dreams ASAP. The company claims some transfers may last up to 4-6 weeks (!).

Brixton told Mashable she was obsessed with freckles when she was younger, and when the summer would draw to a close her freckled face would be gone for nine months. So she's faking it.

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

She's not alone in her obsession, claiming some women "would do anything to have freckles." She told Mashable:


"We want to give people the option to have freckles forever, but not forever to the point that they get them tattooed.

"Freck Yourself as a brand wants to be the champion no-makeup makeup brand. We’ve perfected the art of appearing as though you’ve rolled out of bed looking like a million bucks, but it does take work to look like ‘you woke up like this,’ and we want to share that with the world."


But isn't fake freckling a bit of a step too far? Like, what if you're swimming and your 'freckles' start melting away and all your friends realize you're a massive freckle fraud?

Freck Yourself is asking for $215,000 on Kickstarter to build the business, which will offer freckle kits including 72 self-sticking stencils and a freckling formula (similar to self-tanning lotion).

So, would you dare fake your way to the freckle top? We can't say we'll be rushing to buy our boxes of unnatural dots, no matter how stunning we know they are.

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

freck yourself 3

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

(Photo: Freck Yourself)

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