Eyelid Tattoos: Poetry, Sarcasm And Messages Of Resilience

Tattoos are often referred to as visual depictions of people's character. The nature of the design can tell a lot about their history, likes, dislikes, beliefs and so on. But let's not forget the placement of the tattoo also speaks lengths of one's personality.

Past all the stigmas and false pretenses, visible face and head tattoos commonly hint to resilience, charisma, yearning for self-expression and originality. Eyelid tattoos are no different and, due to being less visible to the public eye, they are becoming more and more popular among collectors and even not so heavily tattooed people.

Eyelid tattoos 1.0.1

Before jumping on the bandwagon and getting your eyelids adorned with some permanent ink, you should consider the following things. The location in itself is delicate and quite narrow, thus it can only accommodate minimalistic designs. Mostly, people go for meaningful or ironic messages, geometric symbols and such.

Brussels, Belgium-based tattoo artist Indy Voet (@indyvoet) already has several eyelid tattoos in his portfolio. His first experience was tattooing an ex-colleague after which he quickly gained more clientele with similar requests.

As an experienced handpoke artist, Voet chose a machine-free technique for inking eyelids. Contrary to hand and foot tattoos that tend to wear out, the professional assures that eyelid tattoos won’t fade so soon. He tells Konbini:

"When done properly, and besides maybe a small touch-up session after a month's healing, they are just as permanent as other tattoos."

Yet, Indy admits that "the spot and skin make the process different" and underlines that one has to be trained in order to be confident enough with eyelid tattooing: "Choose your tattooer well, check out his or her's portfolio to see if they have experience with those kinds of spots. If so, listen to their advice on placement, sizing, aftercare etc."

For someone pulling the job-stopper argument, one of Indy’s client, Lucas, can counter the argument. He is the proud owner of an espresso bar, called Lucifer Lives. His eyelid tattoos leave nothing to the imagination regarding his philosophy of life: indeed, they spell FUCK YOU. Lucas explains:

"I think this tattoo speaks for itself. I wanted something antisocial, so it seemed like a nice fit!"

Indy and Lucas were great friends, and the barman already had quite a big collection of pieces from the artist when he decided to go for his straightforward tattoo. He recalls his experience:

"It was actually quite chill, there was almost no pain involved. The only shitty thing was keeping my eyes closed for such a long time."

See more examples of awesome eyelid tattoos below:

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