This Exotic Animal Specialist Is Living Life Goals As 'The Real Tarzann'

It's not everyday that we see something in the real world that takes us back to our days of childhood feelings and fairytales. Between all of the seriousness of everyday life mixed in with the lack of magic typically involved with getting older, it can be hard to find reasons to be happily in awe. 

Luckily for us, there are social media personalities who make it their duty to remind us that life is full of wonder and good vibes. This is the MO of Instagram personality The Real Tarzann

Known online solely under his pseudonym, The Real Tarzann is an exotic animal specialist, zoo keeper and educator making his daily life look extra, extra wild. The Miami, FL-resident can be seen cuddling with monkeys, wrestling big cats and cradling reptiles in his free time.

The extra fit animal enthusiast also takes his visibility as an opportunity to educate normal people like ourselves on animal facts.  Each IG post doubles as wow-worthy content, but also beneficial insight into the creatures who share the planet with us. 

He even takes the time to shatter misconceptions surrounding Pit Bulls, who catch a disastrously bad wrap for simply being misunderstood. 

But in addition to all of his good deeds done for the animal world, The Real Tarzann even takes time to educate children with his fun, contemporary take on zoology. Sigh, we know– kind of dreamy. 

If all this knowledge itself doesn't convince you he's a modern day marvel and pillar of hope and a damn beacon of light, allow these extra adorable and inarguably cool AF images to convince you.