Why Your Drunk Personality Is Your Real Personality

It's a common belief that when we're sober, we're vastly different to our drunk selves. Whether you're a piece of shit when you're wasted, cry endlessly after a few shots or are the life and soul of the gathering, we generally think this is removed from our real personalities.

But a new study says this isn't so, and that alcohol doesn't have as much of an impact on our personalities as we think. Published in the journal Clinical Psychological Science, the study revealed that your drunk "persona" is, actually, just you.

Run by psychological scientist Rachel Winograd and researchers at the Missouri Institute of Mental Health at the University of Missouri, St. Louis, the study asked 156 people to complete a survey and detail what they thought they were like when they were sober, compared to how they think they are when drunk.

The report found that, although individuals felt themselves acting out differently when drunk in comparison to when they were tee-total, to outside observers their behavior seemed fairly routine.

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The participants were asked to record their "typical sober" and "typical drunk" personalities and state the difference in experiences of themselves between the two.

Then, everyone was brought together in groups with their friends, and asked to interact in a mini-party style situation while evaluating each other. Some were given Sprite and vodka to drink (we would prefer vodka, soda and lime, but anyway), while others were given a placebo: just Sprite. Each drink was measured specifically in relation to each person's height and weight so everyone's blood alcohol content was 0.9 to ensure a fair test.

Contrary to what we may believe, the study concluded that other people don't notice a difference between our drunk behavior and our sober behavior.

The only difference observed by those drinking Sprite was that the drinking participants became more extroverted as the drinks flowed.

So if you think you're a mean drunk, you're probably just a mean person IRL, just more reserved. Sorry.

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(via GIPHY)

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