Artist Creates Lamp That Produces Thunderstorm Whenever Trump Tweets

French visual artist ParseError has created an ominous lamp that does more than just add mood lighting to your room. The design-savvy lamp reacts in real-time to the equally ominous tweets of Donald Trump, and is the perfect concept for lovers of politics and design.

The "Political Lamp" is capable of to messages posted on Twitter as they happen, creating a rolling thunderstorm every time a tweet is posted by Trump. Like magic, each tweet is materialized by a series of lightning strikes, rolling in the clouds and melee.

(Photo: ParseError)

The choice of setting the Political Lamp to follow the tweets of Donald Trump is explained by the artist, stating:

"[Trump] perfectly embodies a dangerous era, where the words of one man on a global social network can endanger the fate of millions."

The idea of the Political Lamp, according to its creator, is "to hide its true nature behind a beautiful object, which immediately modifies the observer’s behavior when its purpose is revealed, causing anxiety and fascination."

The concept to connect a piece of functional furniture is one ParseError has been playing with for some time. He is also the innovator behind Earthquake Lamp, which reacts in real-time to earthquakes around the world. 

For those that enjoy the concept of staying in-the-know with political occurrences in real-time, but rather not have your notifications sent to your phone, marvel at the Political Lamp's unique ingenuity and ominously foreboding design.&

(Photo: ParseError)