Dior Homme Dives Into The Luxury Sports Arena With A $3,200 BMX Bike

Fashion is full of oddities these days, think thong jeans and neon skin for instance. Even more than the prominence of freaky fashion, is the interesting cross collaborations taking place between brands and unsuspecting items. 

As we saw with Nike condoms, fashion influence is showing up in unexpected places everywhere, and the latest unexpected fashion drop comes from luxury French fashion house Dior Homme. After unveiling a set of custom decks, Dior artistic director Kris Van Assche took to Insta to preview of a collaboration between Dior and french BMX bike manufacturer Bogarde.

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According to the Business of Fashion, the bike will be made available for a price of $32,000 during the Sole DXB Streetwear Festival between December 7 – 9. While the Dubai-based festival will be the first to showcase one of the three bike designs, serious BMX enthusiasts with money to spare can purchase the bike upon-request release at select Dior Homme boutique stores.

The chrome-tinted bike is seeing an exclusive release, with only 70 bikes being made available to the public. Is your love for BMX big enough for this purchase– better yet, is your wallet?

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