Cosplayers Are Sharing How Their Style Has Evolved Over The Years


Practice makes perfect. However, every now and then, everyone has those dark, looming moments when something they've been working towards for a long time just isn't happening and no positive mantra can make a difference.

Well, if you're in one of those deep emotional holes right now, we've got some medicine for you. From all over the world, cosplay lovers have been taking to Instagram to share how their style has evolved over the years under the hashtag, #cosplayglowup.

With no sense of embarrassment, people are posting old photos of themselves that, juxtaposed with their most recent costumes, reveal the immense transformation in their cosplay skills.

Accompanied by personal messages, these Instagram posts are an incredible source of inspiration and proof that hard work pays off. Here's what one cosplayer had to say about his journey:

"Don't stop believin'! 2012 vs Now. I know sometimes that goals seem unobtainable, but I promise you, with enough dedication and hard work, you can get there!"

Browse further to see more examples of #cosplayglowup and be sure to share your own before-and-after pics if you're into that kind of thing.