These Cannabis Strains Were Designed To Showcase The Dangers Of Driving While High


Driving under the influence encompasses lots of things, however, it is most commonly associated with booze. Universally frowned upon, drunk driving has been addressed in multiple social campaigns and repeatedly appears in the media what with the harrowing 28 deaths per day caused by alcohol-impaired drivers.

However, when it comes to other substances, such as marijuana, the line between right and wrong immediately gets blurry.

Multiple articles question the choice with studies showing it's not at all a taboo among teenagers. One particular research showed that while 88% of teens and 93% of parents claimed drunk driving is dangerous, only 68% and 76% correspondingly said the same about marijuana.

But beyond our perceptions, there still isn't definitive information on how exactly weed influences our driving ability and how much it affects the incidence of fatal crashes. Question is, though, do we really need scientific proof to tell us that sitting behind a wheel while our reaction is slower and multitasking impeded – common side-effects of marijuana – is not the most brilliant of ideas?

Canada-based anti-drug driving initiative RIDE Checks doesn't think so and rolled out a quite hard-hitting PSA. Together with medical marijuana grower Beleave and ad agency BBDO Canada, they produced a line of "consequence strains" – "Kourtroom Krush," "White Whiplash" and "Slammer Time" – that illustrate the dangers of marijuana-impaired driving.

According to Roger Ferreira, Chief Science Officer at Beleave Inc.:

"Each of these strains is designed to educate users on the consequences of driving high: getting caught and being charged with a DUI, getting into an accident and potentially suffering from life-changing injuries, or worse, killing another person and spending the rest of your life in prison."

The campaign is accompanied by four videos that address the concern of cannabis-impaired driving from multiple perspectives: that one of a cop, people who've faced direct consequences, and weed growers, such as Beleave.

Ferreira, featured in one of the videos, mentions that the conversation entered public arena immediately after Canada's announcement to legalize recreational marijuana by summer of 2018. "This problem is only going to get bigger," he says.

Check out two of these videos below and head over to the official Consequence Strains website to learn more about the campaign.