China Plans To Create An Underwater Lab 10,000 Feet Beneath The Waves

It may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but Bloomberg reports that the Chinese government is working on building a giant underwater lab that would sit almost 10,000 feet beneath the waves.

Ranking at number 2 on their list of scientific priorities list by the the Chinese Science Ministry, the underwater 'space station' would be used hunt for minerals in the South China Sea. It's thought that another one that may also serve a military purpose.

Inside the Aquarius underwater lab. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Inside the Aquarius underwater lab. (Photo: Wikimedia)

Speaking to Bloomberg about the plausibility of the underwater project, Bryan Clark from the Washington-based Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments said:


"Having this kind of long-term inhabited station has not been attempted this deep, but it is certainly possible,"

"Manned submersibles have gone to those depths for almost 50 years. The challenge is operating it for months at a time."


China isn't the first country to work on a underwater station, back in 2012 One World One Ocean visited the Aquarius Reef Base which was preparing recruits to live at the underwater laboratory.

Details as to how much the underwater lab would cost to build and maintain, and when a structure like that might be ready for use is being kept under wraps, however Clark suggests that since detection of the facility would be much easier than that of a submersible.

(Photo: One World One Ocean)

Could people really spend months at a time underwater? (Photo: One World One Ocean)

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