China Is Enforcing A 'One-Dog Policy' And Is Banning Certain Breeds

Up until 2015, Chinese residents had spent almost 40 years resigning themselves – often reluctantly – to the country's strict one-child policy.

And now, just two years after the government announced plans to phase these "draconian" laws out, people living in China are facing similar restrictions on dogs.

(Photograph: Matthew Kirby)

(Image: Matthew Kirby)

Recent reports from Beijing News say that households in the eastern city of Qingdao, in the Shandong province, are now limited to owning just one pet dog each.

Violators may be penalized with a 2,000 yuan ($294) fine and pooch owners have been instructed to only let their canine counterparts outside once they've received a state-issued tag.

The regulations, which came into effect on June 8, also ban approximately 40 "ferocious" breeds.

People who already own one of the listed dogs (including Newfoundlands, pit bulls, Dobermans and Tibetan mastiffs) will have to prove ownership and good temperament, or else the dogs will be confiscated.

(Image: The Beijing News)

Banned dog list (Image: The Beijing News)

For "extra" dogs with no vaccination records, officials suggest owners take them to pet adoption centers – or find a new home for them with people who live in districts where the restrictions don't apply.

Local authorities, who insist current laws are “not comprehensive enough,” said the new legislation was implemented due to a rise in incidents of dogs “disturbing and even injuring people.”

On social media, some have praised the initiative as a good way to encourage responsible dog ownership, while others question the selection of "banned" animals.

Qingdao is by no means the only city to implement such rules, however.

Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou have all adopted similar policies, as well as Chengdu and Harbin, where animals over 50 cm (19 in) in height and over 70 cm (27 in) in length have been outlawed.

There are an estimated 100 million registered pets in China – 62% of which are dogs.

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