Chance The Rapper Donating $1 Million To Chicago Public Schools

Last week, we reported on Chance The Rapper's scheduled meeting with Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner. Due to some powerful tornadoes that touched down in the southern part of the state, Rauner cancelled to attend to his state's emergency efforts. They eventually rescheduled for Friday.

Takeaways from the meeting between Chance and Rauner could not have been more conflicting.

While the governor called their discussion a "good exchange of views," Chance claims that he got "a lot of vague answers," and reinforced that his main goal is simply to get "...people to do their jobs" on behalf of Chicago's youth. Not exactly a ringing endorsement of the Governor's job performance from Chano.

Now Chance - an alumni of Chicago Public Schools himself - has decided to put his money where his mouth is. On Monday, he announced that he will be donating $1.1 million out of his own pocket to support public arts education in Chicago.

(Photo: David Cingi/Getty Images)

(Photo: David Cingi/Getty Images)

At the center of the Chance/Governor Rauner showdown is a piece of legislation from November that was vetoed when it came across the governor's desk. The bill would have infused Chicago Public Schools with a one-time stimulus of $215 million.

With Chicago's schools currently running a $129 million budget deficit, the extra funding from the vetoed bill is sorely missed. Chance spoke up on Monday with some fiery words for Bruce Rauner:

"Governor Rauner broke his promise to Chicago's children.

Do your job, Governor Rauner. Our kids should not be held hostage..."

Watch Chance's full remarks from Westcott Elementary School in the embed below.

As part of his $1.1 million pledge to Chicago schools, Chance is giving $10,000 directly to Westcott Elementary - enough to save its afterschool math and reading enrichment programs.

It's important to highlight that as a self-made independent artist (and now, a global superstar), Chance has never made so much as a dime off of any music sales. His income is mainly from touring and promotional appearances, so his million dollar donation is that much more meaningful and impressive.

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