Crystal Sex Toys Are Here To Make Your Climaxes A Spiritual Experience


Everyone knows that self-love is important, whether it's a taboo topic or not. And finding the best way to relax and soothe oneself can be the difference between a happier, healthier you or an insatiably moody one. This is why sex-toy company Chakrubs has arrived to offer an even more elevated means of release with their natural crystal sex toys

Crystals are widely used in meditation practices all over the globe, believed to hold energy conducting power and therapeutic qualities. Practiced in many Eastern and Western philosophies, crystal healing is one of the most unique therapeutic philosophies that combines faith, the earth and symbolic ritual.  

Owner and founder of Chakrubs, Vanessa Cuccia, explains the first step once one has acquired their Chakrub is creating an intention with it, similarly to the philosophy behind obtaining any meditation crystal. She explains this can be done through bathing the crystal in sunlight, moonlight, music or any specific means that go hand-in-hand with your intentions. 

Cuccia emphasizes the meditative and therapeutic benefits of the toys just as much the sexual ones, explaining each tool has varying benefits that heighten desirable qualities like reducing stress and encouraging self-awareness through natural means. 

Re-sensitizing is a major aspect of Chakrubs. To learn how to quiet ourselves and become in-tune with subtle energy leads to very potent love-making - with ourselves, with others, with ideas, with life.

We are all seeking pleasure, but only being offered what people think we want. What we need is to become more aware of our hearts, and understand what our souls desire. This is not done through items which use chemicals like parabens and phthalates.

Each crystal is 100% natural,  sourced from rock formations found in the earth. Through a smoothing process with each crystal, the toy's varying shapes are created, giving birth to the unique collection the company has today.

Focusing on "quieting the mind in order to feel subtle energies, develop emotional intelligence and strengthen self-awareness," Chakrubs asserts itself as a hugely different brand within the sex toy industry, concerned with the practitioner and not necessarily running full-speed towards the end result. 

Worth noting, the company's website and Instagram are full of customer testimonials which sound pretty convincing if you ask me. And with all these pros at your fingertips and no cons in sight, we're thinking this is a quality investment for anyone looking to take their sexual and spiritual life to the next level.