Can't Sleep? This Chatting Bot Will Keep You Company Throughout The Night

All the single ladies (and gents) – it seems like your lonely nights are over. No, we don't mean we discovered your better half, but this solution is really the second best thing to having a real person to chat at night with.

Introducing – Insomnobot-3000.

Created by sleep startup Casper, Insomnobot is a chatting bot that makes conversation and keeps you company on those sleepless nights where counting sheep just doesn't cut it.


(Photo: Casper)

Their dynamic is pretty straightforward: all you have to do is send a text to 844-823-5621 and you can talk about anything and everything with the Insomnobot from what to binge-watch on Netflix after Stranger Things, to pizza toppings or that co-worker that annoys you so much...

Your new bot-pal will always be there (as long as you text from 11pm to 5am) to lend an ear and listen to your daily woes. Best thing – it's totally free! Lindsay Kaplan, Casper's head of communications, told INC:

"We wanted the bot to sound as human as possible so it feels like you're talking to a friend. A beta group texted the number without knowing it was a bot – the true test of authenticity. When the group couldn't figure it out, we knew we were ready to launch."

When you've had enough pillow talk, just say "bye" and he'll take a hint. Another 21st-century problem solved!

(via Tumblr)

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