American Startup Creates The 'Keurig Of Marijuana' For At Ease Smoking

Every coffee connoisseur loves to hate Keurigs, but even if does produce a water downed version of our favorite energy boosting drink, you can't deny its ease of use.

With this idea in mind, Massachusetts-based technology startup CannaKorp invented what it calls "the world's first single-use pod-based cannabis vaporizer system," or, how the public calls it – the "Keurig of marijuana."


(via CannaKorp)

Titled CannaCloud, it is suited for recreational and medical marijuana users as an alternative to smoking. The vaporizer system uses single-use, dose-controlled pods filled with pre-ground cannabis, aka CannaCups. You can choose from sativa, indica, hybrid or CDB-only pods.

Pop one of those into the vessel and within 60 seconds you will be soothed by the soothing vapors that last for up to 20 minutes. No more grinding and rolling your own weed like a peasant...

The CannaCloud retails for $150, the pods to be sold separately for about $6-$7 per piece, according to CannaKorp co-founder and CEO James Winokur. The product is set to launch early 2017 and those interested can already register on CannaKorp's website for pre-order.

Check out the promo video below to see the CannaCloud marijuana vaporizer in action:

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