You Can Now Sip Sparkling Water Infused With Cannabis

What better way to end off the summer season than finding a truly refreshing way to just unwind. With the growing popularity of cannabis infusions– from cannabis-infused lip balm to hoppy beer – it's obvious this is the go-to ingredient to reach for. 

So throw out the artificial flavoring and ingredients you can't pronounce, and welcome a longtime beloved ingredient that will bring about flavor and fun to your next hydrating drink. Welcome cannabis-infused sparkling water, the newest thing to receive the cannabis seal of inclusion. 

(Photo: Mountjoy)

Mountjoy is one company creating the specialty drink boasting no added sugar or artificial colors and flavors. The drink is handmade in Sonoma County, CA and infused with cannabis oil from organic plants. 

Similarly to Mountjoy, Keef Sparkling and Sprig are two other canna-infused sparkling waters on the market. All come in original or natural fruity flavors and they do contain THC so they will get you high. 

Alternatively, there's something else quite enticing on the market that may catch your eye. How about flavorless and odorless THC powder to set the mood? 

(Photo: Stillwater Brand)

Stillwater Brand is the major name filling this void in the canna community with Ripple, their fan-favorite THC powder. Ripple will dissolve into any drink, hot or cold, and is a wonderfully discreet way to enjoy the product's affects.

Since these products do contain THC, you can only pick them up at legal dispensaries near you. So, if 21+, click through to the product that most interests you to find out how you can begin enjoying cannabis-infused sparkling water today.