Cannabis-Infused Cotton Candy Will Give You A Next Level Sugar High


With the increasingly growing acceptance and legalization of marijuana across the world, the market has seen an uptick in various cannabis-infused food products that go way beyond regular brownies and gummy candy. We've got winebeer, milk, sparkling water, pizza, chocolate and, thanks to San Diego-based Vanessa Corrales, cannabis-infused cotton candy!

Through her company B-Edibles, Corrales sells rose, watermelon, apple and lavender-flavored candy floss made from organic cane sugar that contains 100 milligrams of THC. It's a pretty high dosage so beginners should be careful not to overdo it.

Apart from catering to the already engaged community of marijuana users, Corrales says she wanted her product to start a larger conversation about cannabis consumption and break the stigma that still exists in society. Speaking to True Activist, Corrales said:

"Being a Latina, it’s really difficult for me to start a conversation about Cannabis with close family and friends because it’s still seen as such a bad thing. In order for me to break the ice I knew I needed to create something completely opposite of what I grew up thinking cannabis was."

Next to the wildly popular medicated cotton candy, B-Edibles also offers cannabis-infused sugar and sugar cubes that contain CBD and THC and can be popped into a cup of coffee or used to bake up an amazing pie.

For now, B-Edibles can only be purchased in California through local dispensaries or cannabis events. Corrales also caters events, including weddings and house parties, so you can have your canna-cotton-candy fix without the hassle.