'Camp Bacon' Is A Thing And We're Kind Of Tempted To Go

Summer camps are no longer reserved for little kids and pimple-faced pre-teens. There are now summer camps for adults organized around our love for certain foods.

We already told you about this Pizza Camp in Minnesota, and now we've discovered Camp Bacon.

(via giphy)

(via giphy)

From May 31 to June 4, fans of the crispy, greasy delicious meat, can meet in Michigan to eat and talk bacon to their heart's content. "Bacon for the brain, belly and soul," is the camp's motto.

So that sets the tone. Every day, the camp plans a program of events. There's a movie day with documentaries about bacon, a cooking day learning recipes with bacon, a restaurant day in Detroit, a barbecue pig party, a conference day and an outdoor market, the Bacon Street Fair.

"We share with you new ways to appreciate bacon and talk about how what we feed the animal impacts the flavor of the meat you are eating.

The passion of our guest speakers is edible, you can literally taste the hard work and love they put into their bacon and dishes."

Simple, but effective. And we have a feeling they won't have any trouble filling slots at the camp.

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