California Independence Movement #Calexit Is Gaining More Traction Than Ever

We've all heard (mostly white) liberals pining for a chance to flee the country in the wake of Donald Trump's unprecedented election on Tuesday night. But could it really be possible for a whole state to secede from the union in the modern era, leaving Trump's America behind?

The supporters of #Calexit sure hope so.


(via Yes California)

The most populated and 3rd largest state in the nation – California – could make a bid to leave the USA via a referendum vote as early as 2019. The #Calexit movement, obviously modeling its hashtag campaign after the UK's #Brexit, is being led by an organizing group called Yes California.

Once considered a fringe group, Yes CA has seized upon incredible levels of dissent in the overwhelmingly Democratic state stemming from Tuesday's election result. The Golden State has seen #Calexit marches and demonstrations across major cities such as the capital Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Many within the movement think that a Trump presidency is exactly the catalyst they've been anticipating to set a California independence movement in motion.

It is important to stress how very, highly, extremely, super, ultra unlikely it is that California will actually break away to become its own independent nation. (We do have a midterm election coming up in 2018, so maybe stick around for that first...)

If anything, the #Calexit energies have put a finger on the pulse of a nation that is reeling from a shocking (if not utterly disturbing) vote, marking a national decision that has put our country's direction and core values in serious doubt.

(Source: Evening Standard)

(Source: Evening Standard)

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