Brits Will Have A 'Legal Right' To High-Speed Internet By 2020

Homes in Britain will have a 'legal right' to high-speed broadband within the next two years under new regulations which aim to save 1.1 million people from shit dial-up connections.

The Government says it wants the country to be "fit for the future" and will ensure everyone in the UK has access to speeds of at least 10 Mbps by 2020.

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As part of the plan, telecommunications companies will have a legal requirement to provide high-speed broadband to anyone requesting it.

This Universal Service Obligation (USO) comes as a rejection of a voluntary proposal from mass network provider BT to help improve speeds (at their leisure) over the coming years.

Culture Secretary Karen Bradley said: "We are grateful to BT for their proposal. But have decided that only a regulatory approach will make high-speed broadband a reality for everyone, regardless of where they live or work."

"This is all part of our work on ensuring that Britain's telecoms infrastructure is fit for the future and will continue to deliver the connectivity that consumers need in the digital age."

BT has since welcomed the move, insisting their team wants to "get on with the job of making decent broadband available to everyone in the UK."

"We look forward to receiving more details from the Government outlining its approach to defining the [regulation] including the proposed funding mechanism", a spokesperson said.

An estimated 1.1 million homes suffer poor internet speeds, and Britain tends to lag behind much of Europe when it comes to providing fiber-optic broadband to customers.

Regulator Ofcom says 10 Mbps is needed to meet the requirements of a typical family, so you may still have to pay a premium if you're a heavy gamer or streamer.

Meanwhile, Americans have just had their internet freedoms abolished after a decision taken by the Federal Communications Commission to end net neutrality. Booooo.

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