The Polls Are In For The Best Tweets Of The First Presidential Debate

And the first presidential debate of the season came upon us, entertained us, conquered Twitter and is now being talked about EVERYWHERE.

What a show it was! If you weren't able to tune in to last night's debate, needless to say, I think you can just get a refresher summary if you go online, especially on Twitter. From the intense, political views to some of the funniest responses, it was hard to collect the best tweets, especially when it was the most tweeted debate ever!

The throw-down hadn't even started yet and people were already talking.

Once Lester Holt, the moderator, came on the screen, it was reported that 81 million people tuned in and Twitter took it away with the tweets.

People even had their own drinking games and bingo boards made just for this debate!

Throughout many of the candidates' discussions, Twitter, once again, had the spotlight with checking the facts for us.

Let's not forget the constant attacks on each other.

At one point, Trump said he had a better temperament  than Clinton.

And the hilarious tweets don't stop there, folks.

Props to the moderator, Lester Holt, for being bold and taking on the first debate! Let's see how he's doing.

What a night it was for millions of Americans everywhere and for Twitter. Pretty sure it's safe to say the next debate will be quite as interesting, if not more entertaining to watch.

Tune in on October 9th for round two of presidential debates and another night of debate takeover on Twitter!

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