Ben & Jerry's Launches Clever Campaign For Marriage Equality In Australia

Ben & Jerry's recently made a surprising announcement on Twitter. In all of their 26 Australian stores, you can no longer order two scoops of the same flavor.

"Chocolate and chocolate? Cookies and cookies? Strawberry and strawberry? We're scooper sorry. You can't choose that." In the video below, the American ice cream brand explains to customers that they will be limiting scoop choices to make a statement in favor of marriage equality.


Long-time activists

"Many Australians still don't have the choice to marry who they love. We believe love comes in all flavors and that everyone should get the choice." So as long as two Australians of the same sex are not allowed to marry, Ben & Jerry's will not serve two scoops of the same flavor.

Ben & Jerry's has been campaigning for LGBTIQ rights in several countries since 1996. This time, they've turned their attention to Australia, where two-thirds of the population are in favor of gay marriage, but it still has not been legalized.

In addition to the scoop initiative, each store is equipped with a mailbox that customers can use to send their representatives a letter in favor of marriage equality. A little ice cream, a little activism. It's a pretty good combo.

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